Charles "Mike" Fletcher

Mike doodled on school books or whatever material came to hand for years. He was held back from pursuing his art career by a small voice inside him saying that he had nothing to say of any value. However, one day he was inspired by a speaker that informed him that he could do anything he wanted. This speaker changed his life and he began painting at the age of fifty. He is still going strong and loving every minute of it. He believes the images and colors do not come from him but rather through him. When he starts to paint he lets the muse take over and the painting takes on a life of its own. Mike takes classes from artists that he admires but for the most part, he is self-taught. He is a former Show Director for the Intermountain Society of Artists and has served on the Committee for The Celebration of Art and Soup. He staged shows for a group in Ogden called Art Stop. He is a member of The Virgin Valley Artist Association and a member of Southern Utah Art Guild.