The Arrowhead Gallery ETC 
is a local non-profit art 
gallery, featuring a 
diverse collection
of mediums created
by local artists.

David Finley

I have always been very interested in art, my earliest family memories are of me drawing and coloring with my parents putting my creations on the wall even before I started school. My first school memory is of getting sent home from Kindergarten- a boy took my Crayons and I hit him.

I took every elective art class I could and was painting with watercolors when I was in 7th grade; I was painting with oils as a senior in high school.

When my draft number came up in the first five I volunteered for the Army and served in Germany. Upon release I took advantage of the GI Bill and studied art at the University of Minnesota. I had a core of excellent professors that had studied at Pratt Institute. I took color, drawing, painting, neon lights and all of the required courses. I was a TA in painting several times as I really enjoyed my painting instructor Herman Somberg. I graduated with a BFA majoring in painting and I minored in neon sculpture. All of my paintings in college were done in acrylic.

Once I graduated I tried many other mediums, even dithering with pens, I took up watercolor again and loved the challenge. One day while painting a sepia tone watercolor of Clint Eastwood for my brother while I was drinking coffee I thought to myself “this is a nice warm color” and started dipping my brush. One thing led to another and the coffee paintings just caught my interest as they seem vibrant to me. It is a very difficult medium to work with and extremely sticky- messy.

I created a web site for my art back in the early days of the internet called Buckaroo Gallery; I was one of the first PayPal users it was that early. There was not much trust in on line buying and it took forever for the pages to load, it was not as popular as I had hoped so took the site down. That is why there are a lot of paintings from the mid to late 90’s available.

Coffee is a fugitive medium which means it could fade in direct sun light. All of my paintings have an anti-UV fixative on them to mitigate that effect. Also it would be best not to have one of the coffee paintings in a humid area as the coffee could get sticky and possibly stick to the glass if you frame it with glass. I do not recommend UV glass as that usually has a blue tint to it and in my opinion it will lose some of the warm charm the coffee gives it. Many of these paintings were done in the 90’s so you can see they can stand the test of time if you do not have them in direct sun light or in the shower.