The Arrowhead Gallery ETC 
is a local non-profit art 
gallery, featuring a 
diverse collection
of mediums created
by local artists.

      "I was introduced to oil painting at a young age as I learned from my mother who loved to paint and do crafts.   Her positive reinforcement of my early paintings convinced me I was an artist.  My first and only art class in college convinced me otherwise.  It was at a time when abstract art was in style, I did not like it, and I thought artists were a strange group.  I changed my major from art to microbiology and only painted occasionally for many years. I graduated with a degree in medical technology and spent 40 years in laboratory medicine until retirement a few years ago.  
        "I now have time to paint or go explore nearly every day.  I love to hike the canyon country we live in and take photos for studio work or set up outdoors for plein air painting.  I returned to Dixie State University and took a few art classes to improve my skills under skilled mentors.   My painting style is impressionalistic landscapes.    I love to capture the beauty of the area in which we live and have produced many paintings, several that should be shared.  Why do I paint?  For the enjoyment of the creative process, the motivation it gives me to explore, and to capture and share the beauty that surrounds us.
       "Enjoy viewing some of my works."