Jack Grosko

Since my retirement in 2003, I've been fortunate enough to have travelled to several foreign countries and to many locations in the western U.S. I'm a native east coaster and find many opportunities to photograph near my home in the southeast so that you'll see a wide variety of subjects in my work. You'll see a sunrise in the North Georgia mountains and a sunset on the plains of South Africa....An early morning and a sunset in Yellowstone National Park.....Wildlife shots of a Zebra, a White-tailed Deer, a Bison and a Garden Spider!

Recently, I visited some extraordinary places in Nevada and around the Utah/Arizona border and decided that they deserved Galleries of their own. I've also added several Galleries dedicated to Our National Parks.

Please spend some time and, at the conclusion, I hope that you'll agree that photography takes you to great places and encourages you to notice and appreciate the world around us. Thank you for visiting.