The Arrowhead Gallery ETC 
is a local non-profit art 
gallery, featuring a 
diverse collection
of mediums created
by local artists.

Jenna Lineweaver

Jenna Mae Lineweaver received her BFA in oil painting from Brigham Young University.  After graduation she returned to her hometown of Chico California where she worked in the Public Art field with her mentor, Dayton Claudio, creating large fiberglass pieces in cities like Tucson Arizona, Cleveland Ohio and Ogden Utah.

Jenna enjoys incorporating mixed media such as fabric, paper, buttons, beads and other found objects into her paintings.  It adds an interesting dimension to her art and an element of surprise.  Her love of poetry and literature is also evident in her art as she often includes relevant verse and writing. She finds that, similar to literature and poetry, painting is a powerful way to express thoughts, feelings and struggles.  Other people can recognize these things on canvas and respond to them in their own way. We all experience life and the accompanying range of emotion and struggle.

In regards to her art she says that, My art is visual poetry. It stimulates emotion and involves the viewer in the process and in the beauty of it.  A painting is successful if, after that first impression, each successive visit becomes more meaningfulĀ.