Lisa Nevot.

Lisa Nevot has been painting for over 30 years. A self taught artist, she has been fortunate in the art world having experienced much successthe globe. Her palette is bright and she works in acrylic using both brush
and knife to deliver a new look that takes us to another world yet feels
so much like ours. Whether they be landscapes, abstracts, portraits or animals,
Lisa has a broad range and her current style almost always reflects the world
around her. She has hung in numerous galleries and shops across the
west and is now proud to call Southern Utah her home.
Her latest pieces are inspired by the beauty in the nature here as she is an avid hiker and photographer. Usually you will find her deep in the mountains or at the local
coffee shops thinking about doing yoga.
From Malta to Italy, Australia to Canada, Lisa's work has found
its way into the hearts and homes of many. It wants to find it's way into yours.
Please visit her website for more paintings.