Mary Curtis

I have always been a person who “creates” my entire life. I have always sewn clothing, quilt tops and many other projects. This skill was essential when I created a business that sold wedding gowns and prom apparel. I also developed great people skills and learned how much I enjoyed meeting people and creating relationships with them.

After closing my bridal shop, I drifted into the art world – almost by accident. I began photographing with the macro setting on my digital cameras and took photos of wildflower and weed blossoms. After a few art lessons and learning a few basic rules of art, I discovered that I had a knack for drawing which grew into pastel work and then into oil painting.

Because I went back to work full time, I found that I needed more concentration to stay focused on painting. My sister-in-law, Evie Atkin, introduced me to gourd art a few years ago and that art form works very well with my full time work schedule. This has provided me with an outlet to continue creating in the limited time I have available to me. I began browsing through various gourd art books to get ideas and learn how to use a Dremel tool, what stains were available, etc. My style continues to evolve and I especially enjoy carving and blending the natural colors of the gourd with the pure colors of the dyes. Part of the appeal of working with a gourd is that the gourd itself is from nature and IS NOT PERFECT! It is not perfectly shaped, the color of the skin isn’t the same on all parts of the gourd and sometimes there are little scars to consider. That is such a great challenge to create a beautiful piece of artwork from something that someone else might not even consider because of what they might consider blemishes.