The Arrowhead Gallery ETC 
is a local non-profit art 
gallery, featuring a 
diverse collection
of mediums created
by local artists.

Mel Scott

All mediums that excite me and that includes oils, acrylics, alcohol inks, collage, watercolors, pebeo paints, and any NEW and unusual medium..I will try it. I create art.  I have a voice ,I speak in colors. I lead, I love creativity...no Boundaries.
The medium I enjoy...the one I am currently working in...which varies depending on the day and mood. I am a teacher of arts. Lifting people, giving them space to find their dreams and communicate through art work...that is what I do!! I was blessed with creative parents who were my biggest cheering system...my mother was a weaver. Most memorable artwork?  Watching my mother develop a code to create patterns for her weaving a guilt...using family names.  it was beautiful work, time consuming....she gave each letter a color, fixed her own patterns and created.  What a blessing to watch her work. A patron came to my studio/Gallery...stood in front of my painting and wept. And then made the investment. Dream Project....still dreaming that one up.
3 artists. Van Gogh for light, life, Dali for his fun, Best Advice...You can do anything you want to, You are never too old to learn, Paint your dreams. A short story, when I was 29, felt the world and my dreams slipping away.....deep depression set in. I went to my Mother and Father crying....what to do?  I was 29, 5 children, pregnant with 6th, changing diapers, supporting husband , active in Church...where was MEL in all this. What did I want?  I wanted to write, to play the guitar and above all that...I wanted to paint. I wanted my art.  
Mother in her wisdom....."Melanie, What are you going to do to get those dreams?"  She handed it back to me. Another blessing!!!  So I babysat  YUCK...but was able to [pay for a $5  art class, to buy a $20 guitar, and write a short story for my children. That spring my parents came to the house in the early afternoon...with a gift.  Early birthday?  No.....They handed me a note " We don't want you to wonder about your painting. The box was very old, ancient , 8 small tubes of oil paints, a tiny bottle of linseed oil and a canvas backed paper.  I since realized that that box had been my mothers...yet, she had not opened it for many years. No time for her dreams...They handed me tools so I could dream.  I put the children to bed early, opened the tubes, realized there was no brush so I painted with my fingers all night.  I have not stopped.  I bless my parents for their wisdom for their belief in me....Mel the artist."
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