Mel Scott

Mel Scott................all mediums that excite me and that includes oils, acrylics, alcohol inks, collage, watercolors, pebeo paints, and any NEW and unusual medium..I will try it.
I create art.  I have a voice ,I speak in colors. I lead, I love boundaries....
The medium I enjoy...the one I am currently working in...which varies depending on the day and mood.
I am a teacher of arts..lifting people, giving them space to find their dreams and communicate through art work......that is what I do!!
I was blessed with creative parents who were my biggest cheering mother was a weaver. Most memorable artwork?  Watching my mother develop a code to create patterns for her weaving a guilt...using family names.  it was beautiful work, time consuming....she gave each letter a color, fixed her own patterns and created.  What a blessing to watch her work.
A patron came to my studio/Gallery...stood in front of my painting and wept. And then made the investment.
Dream Project....still dreaming that one up.
3 artists.........Van Gogh for light, life, Dali for his fun, 
Best Advice...You can do anything you want to, You are never too old to learn, Paint your dreams.

a short story.when I was 29, felt the world and my dreams slipping away.....deep depression set in. I went to my Mother and Father crying....what to do?  I was 29, 5 children, pregnant with 6th, changing diapers, supporting husband , active in Church...where was MEL in all this. What did I want?  I wanted to write, to play the guitar and above all that...I wanted to paint. I wanted my art.

Mother in her wisdom....."Melanie, What are you going to do to get those dreams?"  She handed it back to me. Another blessing!!!  So I babysat  YUCK...but was able to [pay for a $5  art class, to buy a $20 guitar, and write a short story for my children. That spring my parents came to the house in the early afternoon...with a gift.  Early birthday?  No.....They handed me a note " We don't want you to wonder about your painting. The box was very old, ancient , 8 small tubes of oil paints, a tiny bottle of linseed oil and a canvas backed paper.  I since realized that that box had been my mothers...yet, she had not opened it for many years. No time for her dreams...They handed me tools so I could dream.  I put the children to bed early, opened the tubes, realized there was no brush so I painted with my fingers all night.  I have not stopped.  I bless my parents for their wisdom for their belief in me....Mel the artist."