Paul Jensen

Paul is a landscape and wildlife oil painter.

"I was raised on a farm and spent most of my life out of doors where I gained a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and variety of my surroundings. I developed an interest in painting what I saw and took classes from many well-known artists.

For many years, I have actively supported the art community in the St. George area. I served as President of the Southwest Art Association and helped develop the first St. George Annual Arts Festival. Each year, the Art Festival grew larger until eventually the City took it over. I have also served many years on the local Board of Directors for the Visual Arts Association and the Southern Utah Art Guild. Presently, I am working on the committee that developed and established the Arrowhead Art Gallery in the Electric Theater Complex.

I have been juried and received several awards during my art career. Now that I am basically retired, I find more time to paint in my home art studio that I designed. Landscape and wildlife painting has always provided a special fulfilment for me along with a sense of accomplishment."