Sandra C. Feldman

Sandra Feldman grew up in New York City where her father was a baker. She discovered the wonders of geology and the outdoors while attending a National Science Foundation summer workshop in geology for high school students. She entered college knowing she was going to major in geology, and was introduced to and fell in love with the western U.S while attending geology field camp in Wyoming after her junior year in college.

After completing an undergraduate degree in geology at Barnard College, Columbia University, she earned a Masters’ Degree in Geology/Geochemistry at the University of New Mexico, and then a PhD in Geology/Remote Sensing at MacKay School of Mines, University of Nevada-Reno (where she met her husband, Paul, also a geologist). Her dissertation and the months spent in the field and on the computer using image processing technology dealt with the geothermal alteration of rocks in the Hot Creek Range, NV as imaged by a new sensor built and flown by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal Tech in Pasadena. She has published 13 scientific papers, as well as an article in the Encyclopedia of Geochemistry and Environmental Sciences.

In New Mexico she worked as a Consulting Geologist for mining companies and National Laboratories, as well as on environmental projects. She worked for Bechtel Corp, a large engineering company in San Francisco for 16 years. Her work took her to Idaho Falls, Las Vegas, Peru, Yemen, Russia, Brazil, and Venezuela. After she and her husband retired, they moved to wonderful St. George, a geologist’s dream.

Sandra has always loved art and can remember painting murals with fellow primary school students on brown paper rolls to hang on hallway walls for all the holidays. She has continued to paint through the years. Living and working as a geologist in the western U.S. have strongly influenced her painting style. She has won awards for her paintings and has exhibited in the San Francisco, Las Vegas, southern Idaho, and southern Utah areas. Her love of color and design can be seen in her landscape, still life and abstract paintings. Her goal is to paint and share the creative process with you. 

As a survivor of breast cancer and multiple myeloma (a blood cancer) Sandra is still living her dream.