Todd Fowler

Years serving my country as an LDS military chaplain has afforded me the blessing of helping my brothers and sisters work through both trauma and celebration. Coupled with a master’s in divinity and a doctorate centered on PTSD, I learned how powerful art can be in helping people deal with suppressed trauma. After my retirement from the Navy I began studying art under Del Parson and McGarren Flack, which has opened a new world to me in self-expression and personal healing. When I put on my headphones and grab my brush and newly mixed paints, I easily lose myself in the process of painting, which often feels like a spiritual experience. On each canvas, I try to pull out emotions I’ve personally felt and only work on one small piece at a time until something clicks, and I feel it’s been painted the way it was meant to be. My father stood in front of one of my first paintings and wept. My hope and prayer, is that when others view my work, they will be moved by the same type of emotion.

Todd Fowler joined the navy in 1989, serving in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Damage Controlman (DC) on board USS Juneau. In 2000, he joined the Coast Guard where he worked as a DC instructor and attended school at night. In 2007 Todd received a commission to serve as a Navy Chaplain, officer, and LDS Missionary until he retired in late 2017. Along with his service in the military, Todd has also been teaching online courses for Brigham Young University and Grand Canyon University for 11 years. He currently lives in St. George Utah with his wife Rani and has four children, four grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

Todd’s accolades include:

Doctor of Ministry in Marriage and Family Therapy – Amridge University

Master of Arts in Divinity – Regent University

Master of Education in Leadership in Higher Education – Northcentral University

Master of Sciences in Leadership and Management – Amridge University

Published works:

You God, and PTSD: Faith Based Healing in our Military’s Chaplain Corps (2014)