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The Arrowhead Gallery ETC 
is a local non-profit art 
gallery, featuring a 
diverse collection
of mediums created
by local artists.

Wil Adams

Wil studied visual arts in college and worked as a professional photographer for a few years after college. Then more than 25 years ago Wil decided to make a change and pursue a career in the healing arts as a massage therapist.
Through those years he was always drawn back to his passion to create visual arts and crafts  as a way to relax and bring himself back to center. Some of his favorite past art mediums are digital artwork, lapidary, silversmith and polymer clay work. These mediums also allowed him to create wonderful gifts for close friends and family, but he never really wanted to share his work beyond that point, until he discovered the world of fluid art.
He finds fluid art to be the most relaxing and creative of all the mediums. It allows him to focus, yet still is able to release the creative passion that derives within him in an abstract way. It also forces him to stop the desire for perfection, that comes with other forms of art that he has done in the past.  He continues by saying, “It’s not about controlling every aspect of the work, it’s about laying down an idea or feeling and allowing the colors and paint to transform into a beautiful piece of artwork.”
Feathers and flowers have blossomed into his specialty and he likes creating unique backgrounds and accents to bring expression to those specialties.
He goes on to say that he feels like his artistic painting creativity is spilling over, as he is reconnecting with mediums from the past. Photography, pen and ink and digital art have reclaimed that hidden passion within him. As well as, exploring other mediums that he’s never taken the time for.
You can see more of his work on his website
 “Be the Art of Your Dreams Today.”